With more than 50 years of experience, we are a market leader in the production and sale of porcelain floor and wall tiles and slabs. Ever since 1962, Ceramica Fondovalle has pursued the goals of aesthetic refinement, quality, a focus on detail, technological development and innovation, safeguarding the environment and the land; it is a company made up of people, ideas and materials that come together every day to offer the Italian and international markets the best of Italian design in ceramics. This is why technical design, aesthetic study and pursuit of stylistic trends have always been central concerns for us, supported by on-going strategic investment and non-stop technological innovation guaranteeing excellent productive processes, exclusive top quality products and efficient service.



Being confident in your country’s people, its ideas and its history, aware that every one of these factors helps make it unique and unlike any other. This is what “Made in Italy” really means for us. We have always taken great care in every aspect of our business, focusing and investing with strength and conviction in research and development, trendsetting, technology, design, control and safety, customer service and assistance: everything is done in Italy, to offer the market a truly 100% Italian product.



Our passion and love for research are expressed through continuous testing of materials and sizes, which interpret the needs of everyday life translating them into innovative surfaces and evolved designs. Design and aesthetics are the result of the study of stylistic trends, with the addition of continuous cultural and artistic references, which allow us to anticipate the times and go beyond fashion, offering unique solutions that are technically functional, and that look ahead and beyond.



Quality for us is a way of thinking and doing. It means the search of selected materials, social and environmental ethics, attention to the present and future. It means culture, attention to detail and respect for historical heritage. All Fondovalle’s collections convey the passion for our work and the intense emotion that is born from the encounter between design and art, nature and craftsmanship. Fondovalle collections are our greatest quality.



We combine 50 years experience and industrial vocation with constant research and innovation, manufacturing and marketing products that meet the design requirements of contemporary architecture and interior design. We were the first to believe in double pressing with multiple loading and a mixture of different coloured pastes; we did not hesitate to boldly invest in last generation systems for the production of large format slabs, teaming the most advanced aesthetic standards with the top technical qualities of porcelain stoneware.



Passion for beauty, architecture and people-centred design. A consolidated group of people, a young and creative team, to give form and substance to contemporary ceramic tiling design.



Our headquarters is surrounded by wonderful natural scenery that is the backdrop to all our daily activities, and which constantly reminds us that we must love and respect the environment. Nature is not only a heritage that must be protected, but it is also a source of inspiration for the development of products designed to create harmonious and welcoming spaces, with colours and textures that evoke the beauty and pureness of natural environments: being close to nature means this to us.