THINK BIGGER slender porcelain stoneware slabs feature innovative designs, advanced technology, and an overall sense of harmony, based on stylistic juxtapositions and the interplay of different materials and finishes.

These large-sized slim (6.5 mm) tiles are ideal to emphasise the stunning range of collections that recreate the materials used in contemporary architecture, for designs with great originality and visual impact. The value of a custom design, a ‘one-off’, lies in the combination of industrial innovation and creativity. Conveyed through the attention to detail and the carefully balanced mix of tones, structures, and veining, this quality lends the material an extraordinarily natural appreciable by users in their designs. The 10 mm thickness of the 120x120 tiles meets special laying needs, in cases where engineered screeds or specific adhesives cannot be used.

Mix and Match

This unique project features different textures carefully used to create an ‘interaction’ between them.

Materials such as wood, marble, concrete, and metal convey their original essence, naturally and with impact, through the technical features offered by extra-large slim porcelain tiles. The uniqueness of these collections lies in the sophisticated finishes and the wide range of graphics available, as well as an attention to detail that almost rivals a handcrafted material. Offering a blend of genuine tradition, creativity, and innovation, it will bring style and character to any contemporary interior design.


THINK BIGGER is the result of a unique cutting edge manufacturing process developed by Ceramica Fondovalle at its plant in Casona di Marano, in the Sassi di Rocca Malatina natural park, with the collaboration of one of the major leaders in automated systems for the ceramic tile industry.

The materials of the THINK BIGGER range are characterised by advanced technical features and they are manufactured in compliance with Fondovalle’s highest technical and quality standards, respecting the surrounding natural environment. THINK BIGGER is a collection of highly versatile, modular products, which combine thin (6.5 mm) and standard thickness (10.0 mm) options with an extra-large tile size. The new technology offers the possibility to use and mix traditional or new-generation materials, enhancing and stimulating the creativity and research of our technical staff.